meme, myself, and i

welcome to the internet

Hey, I’m Raven. I’m a proudly queer and autistic creator that makes a lot of stuff spanning several mediums and topics, from character design to digital culture to religion. As a business I use the moniker Draweth the Raven.

I’m also a Fine Art Honours student writing on internet memes as a democratised version of art, with undergrad experience in fine art practice, animation, and Creative Industries management.

what do i do?

My expertise is in a mix of interrelated disciplines, like illustration, art theory, animation, drawing, and making atrocious memes for the masses.

Sample Works

Digital Art

Most of my art is digital illustration and cartooning.


Sometimes I make videos. Sometimes they’re even good.


Digital art, except it moves. Includes work for events and music videos!

like what you see?

You can email at or check out my work here: