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MIAF 2019

This year I had the high honour of my short Deep Sea Pearl being selected for the Melbourne International Animation Festival’s Australian Student Showcase! Unfortunately I didn’t have time that night to stay back and network (so if you were there and happen to be reading this, please say hi!) but I was absolutely blown away by the other films shown there. I also saw a lot of ways I could improve my own animation, so I’ve been inspired to keep going and honing my practice!

And although I couldn’t stay back that night for chats and the Australian Showcase, I came back the next day to catch the first part of the International Showcase before I had to fly home on Monday. A personal favourite for me was La Chute by French animator Boris Labbé.

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thank you for having me @animationfest! 💖💖

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I also want to shout out the event organisers (especially Stevie, who helped me with some ticketing troubles) for putting this whole thing together! I sincerely hope MIAF reaches its 20th year and I certainly want to come back, and maybe even make and submit some more work. It’s because of lovely people like you that the indie animation industry can network and flourish, and it was such a pleasure to even be a tiny bit involved!

By draweththeraven

My name's Raven, and I'm a writer, animator, and theorist.

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