marvel did an oopsie | QTR

April 8, 2020.

So Adobe caught on to my leeching ways and I had to uninstall Premiere and I don’t have a functioning microphone, but you know what, I’m self isolating and I’m mad, so I’m gonna make videos anyway.

The other day Marvel released their new, uh. Their new… New Warriors. The line-up seems to be, uh, Mr. Matrix, Frozone, Prince Gumball, punk Hordak and… Dora the Explorer. Overall the general idea seems alright, there’s a bit of racial and body diversity and their powers try to hit themes that are relatable for a modern audience. The two writers in charge of this even added Marvel’s first nonbinary superhero. So, what did they name this ground-breaking new character? Well…  /Begins laughing in agony, image zooms out to names/

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Free Zine – Corvid-19

I made a corona zine that is also a corvids zine! it’s short but all lineart so you can colour it in!!! also did I mention it’s free?! I’m using too many exclamation points!! corvid-19 (and anthrel volume 1 in pdf format) are both on my gumroad for free and there’s also a 50% off code (glasshalffull) until june for stuff already on my etsy and gumroad! stay positive and stay safe this quarantine season 🖤🖤🖤 

See the project page here.