marvel did an oopsie | QTR

So Adobe caught on to my leeching ways and I had to uninstall Premiere and I don’t have a functioning microphone, but you know what, I’m self isolating and I’m mad, so I’m gonna make videos anyway. The other day Marvel released their new, uh. Their new… New Warriors. The line-up seems to be, uh,Continue reading “marvel did an oopsie | QTR”

Adoptables | QTR

So, it’s been 2 months since my last, like, talk video (I’ve been busy), and I wanna get back into it. I actually have a bunch of video ideas like, written down but one is for Christmas and the rest aren’t developed at all. Recently, I got into making adoptables. Basically, adoptables are character designsContinue reading “Adoptables | QTR”