Below is information on my standard digital commissions. All prices are listed in AUD.

Prices for special commission adoptions.

How it works:

1. You send me a message, so we can discuss what you want and how much that will cost.
2. I do a sketch or thumbnail, so you can decide if you want changes to posing etc.
3. I send a PayPal invoice so you can pay; this is done after the sketch and before I send the finished work.
4. I finish and send! (Let me know if you don’t want me to post it on social media!)
5. Enjoy! Post wherever with appropriate credit/tagging and don’t claim as your own work.

View commission slots/status/queue here.

Scroll below for the full T&C’s and FAQ!

Terms and Conditions

Payment: By commissioning me, you acknowledge that you consent to my process, which includes the parameters for pricing and payment. Once you are happy with the sketch for your commission (or sometimes lineart if you ordered a colour commission) I will send an invoice for the full agreed price and expect that to be paid before I send the final, full resolution artwork UNLESS there was a deadline and outstanding circumstances that meant you couldn’t pay the full price in time, in which case I need to be notified and paid as soon as possible.

Ownership: Once the completed commission is paid for in full, you can use and share it wherever you wish for both commercial and personal use. However, it is common courtesy to appropriately credit artists and I request that you acknowledge me as the artist instead of claiming the work as your own and link back to me. This means tagging me if I am on that social media platform or providing my name/username (draweththeraven) and a link back to my website or a social media account.

NSFW Terms: ‘Not safe for work’ mostly refers to art of a sexual nature such as pinups or sexual intercourse, but may also include non-sexual nudity, gore, and common triggers. I will not draw NSFW art for people (or of characters) that are under the age of 16, and assert my right to refuse explicit content to anyone under 18. This is for both legal and personal reasons.

Ko-Fi Terms: If you request a sketch using a Ko-Fi payment, you’ll also need to contact me on social media with evidence that you sent me a Ko-Fi. I suggest adding a note to the Ko-Fi saying that it’s payment for a sketch with your social media username or sending a confirmation screenshot!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does your Patreon have different pricing to your commissions page?

Two reasons! The first is that, since patrons are charged monthly, I discount the cost of what they receive – kind of like a loyalty program! The second is that I am Australian and use AUD, while Patreon uses USD.

What about large scale work such as long-term projects and animation?

Feel free to message me if you have questions about big projects! I also have an Upwork account if you prefer hiring freelancers through there, but I won’t be able to do commissions externally for you later due to their T & C’s.