Corvid-19 Mini Zine

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, and my own self-isolation stress, I created a mini-zine that doubles as a colouring page for others to download for free. It was made available for free through Gumroad.

Sounds in the Spotlight 2019

Much of my 2019 was taken up by visual and administrative work for the concert Sounds in the Spotlight, including advertising, merchandise, and stage visuals, which doubled as my major project for my degree. The final event took place in Newcastles’ Civic Playhouse on October 25, with the final lineup featuring Byren, India and the […]

The Living End MV

For the last few months, I was a part of the animation team for The Living End‘s music video for Not Like the Other Boys, which premiered online on July 1. Here is my blog post, and the full MV can be found below. These were my segments:

Honeysuckle Lights

I was involved with the Honeysuckle Lights project, in association with Honeysuckle Placemaking, the University of Newcastle, and the NSW Government. The animations were projected onto the Per Way Building every night in December 2018. My contribution begins at 1:38 in the video.

Deep Sea Pearl

My first full short film, featuring a mermaid and angel. In March 2019, it was chosen for the Transnational Queer Underground’s Happy Endings film festival.

Ashes to Ashes

Another uni project; this time a matchbox zine, focusing on historical book burnings and their effect on sacred texts, which invites the user to burn the book after reading.


A comic series following the lives of the Anthreligions; immortal personifications of the world’s religions, sects, and other spiritualities. This has been brewing in my mind since high school, and combines two of my biggest interests: religion and illustration. You can read it here or find updates on Tumblr.

Cool Corvids

The Cool Corvids project is an ongoing sticker series which can be found on Redbubble, inspired by my long-time fascination with the crow family. In June 2018 I began releasing Pride Corvids as a part of this project, celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community, which has been well received.

Lords Mini Mural

Artistic contribution to Lords Coffee and Associates.